Policy Drafting

It is mandatory for every employer of an establishment with more than 10 employees to lay down a well-drafted POSH policy to provide a safe working environment and efficiently redress any sexual harassment at workplace complaint filed by an employee. We help the organizations in co-creating policies to provide safe work environment, auditing the employment contracts, etc.

Gender LegaL Team helps organizations draft customized anti-sexual harassment policies which covers all aspects of the POSH Act, 2013:

  • Drafting of POSH Policy
  • Reviewing of POSH Policy
  • Drafting gender neutral policy
  • Updating of policy as per law
  • Organize campaign for POSH policy awareness.
  • Preventive guidelines to be established within organizations to reduce the occurrence of incidences.
  • Prohibitive guidelines to curb sexual harassment at workplaces
  • Effective redressal mechanism set within companies (IC/ICC and its guidelines) for employees to have clear idea on the way forward with such complaints.

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