Gender Sensitization

Under our Gender Sensitization program, we are partnering with the organizations to ensure that they are able to fulfill their duties so that the rights of the employees are protected. We conduct the mandatory training sessions at various levels depending on the requirements and the nature of business of the employer. The training sessions are both educational and engaging wherein the participants are encouraged to actively participate in the forum. The sessions include giving an overview on all applicable laws and regulations relating to sexual harassment, redressal mechanism available to employees, responsibilities of employers in addressing harassment, series of hypothetical situations used to create an interactive training environment with a discussion of possible solutions, etc.

We at Gender LegaL are striving to make every organization a Great Place to Work and every employee.

Through this Program, Gender LegaL will assist the employees of the Organization to understand:

Sensitization programme for employees

  • Evolution of the law
  • Understanding what is sexual harassment
  • How to deal with an incident as victim or accused
  • Guidelines to create a sexual harassment free zone

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