A Complaint was filed by an employee of Indian tech giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to Labour Court in Kancheepuram alleging that she had been sexually harassed by the Manager of the vertical where she had to report about her work.
Further she had also alleged that the Internal Committee of TCS had carried investigation of the incident in very immoral manner.
While narrating the incident she stated that she was on a project in UK where she had to report to her manager. The girl states that from very initial stage the manager was trying to be friendly with her. One day he invited her to his room but the girl refused. However at New Year party which was arranged by TCS the manager intruded into her personal space and made her uncomfortable.
On March 20, 2018 around 7pm she was called by her manager for an appraisal meeting which was uninformed and the meeting continued till 11pm. The girl during the meeting stated that her mobile phone battery was dead and taking advantage of the situation the manager molested her. Traumatized by the assault, the girl told him that his behaviour was inappropriate. However, he reportedly said that she was powerless since he was her appraiser.
Less than a week after the incident, she wrote to her employer about the unscheduled meeting, however, she did not mention the sexual harassment in her initial communication. HR assured the girl that they would look into the unscheduled one-on-one meeting once she returns to India. In the interim, she received the lowest grade she had received on her appraisal – she had always maintained an A or B grade. She was given a C, a score she objected since it was not in line with the recorded performance.
The girl after coming to India resigned her job. However HR tried and convinced her to resume the job. But after resuming the job, the harassment continued because of which she tried to resign her job second time however the resignation was not accepted. Thus the girl submitted a complaint to the HR on October 31. Preliminary inquiries did not take place till November 23.
According to Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 the girl states that she was not informed about the option of reconciliation and also she was not given permission for assistance during the proceeding. Further the girl stated that the IC report was bias and the procedure carried by IC was lacking from necessary steps which had to be taken by it.
Thus the girl had now approached Labour Court in Kancheepuram to seek justice.

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